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84% of musicians and music creators surveyed have lost teaching work, ConnectsMusic finds

ConnectsMusic, a well-established music networking body, reached out to its community of over 5,000 members plus its extended network in a sample survey.

The survey sought data on the following aspects of musicians’/music creators’ activities:

  • Earnings from live performance

  • Numbers of performances

  • Income from recording session work

  • Royalties and composition

  • Online performance work and royalties from streaming

  • Education work

  • Well-being

  • Government support

The survey resulted in a report revealing the impact over the last nine months of Covid-19 on UK musicians and music creators 1 who are at the heart of the UK’s £5.8 billion music industry.

They found the following headlines:

  • Since the March 2020 lockdown musicians’ earnings from live performance have slumped by over 90%

  • 92% of those surveyed have little or no live performances lined up in 2021 83% of the musicians and music creators surveyed reported a significant reduction in earnings from recording

  • 84% of musicians and music creators surveyed have lost teaching work

  • 40% of the musicians and music creators surveyed are considering quitting the music industry

Connects Music are now using this information to call for a Government review into the employment status of self-employed/freelance musicians and music creators to ensure that in circumstances caused by national emergencies in which they are unable to work, including a future pandemic, there are adequate Government support measures to help them through difficult times.

To learn more about the survey, read more on its findings and how ConnectsMusic plan to use the data please view the report on their website:

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