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The Jazz Centre (UK) Collection Policy

Last update: December 2017


Collections Policy – The Composition of Collections


(i) The Jazz Centre (UK) shall be a repository for material(s) directly related to the performance and/or promulgation of jazz music internationally from the late 1800s to the present day (ongoing).


These collections shall include:


  1. Instruments and related ephemera (mutes, mouthpieces, reeds, instrument cases etc.) used by significant performers within the music.

  2. Musical manuscripts (arrangements, song copies, sketches, notebooks, transcriptions, tutor books) written and/or used by significant performers within the music.

  3. Recorded material (formats including cylinders, acetates, 78rpm, 45rpm, 33 1/3 LPs, tape cassettes, eight-track cassettes, video cassettes, laser discs, mini-discs, compact discs, DVDs, USB Memory sticks, digital downloads, tape reels, cine-film reels etc.) either featuring jazz performances or interviews/radio programmes/documentaries/private recording directly relating to the musics practitioners.

  4. Printed/handwritten material documenting/promoting jazz music (including books, periodicals, fan magazines, promotional pamphlets, posters, handbills, brochures, tickets stubs, membership cards, record catalogues, contracts etc.).

  5. Photographs (professional collections and personal images both hard copy and digital).

  6. Jazz musicians'/promoters' personal items deemed to be of historic interest (non-instrumental, these may include correspondence, diaries, clothing, furniture, scrapbooks, jewellery, stationery and other non-specific but unique material).


(ii) Handling of Collections


  1. All Collections will be signed over to The Jazz Centre (UK) in one of two options: a) a full-term donation (i.e. the Collection becomes wholly the property of TJCUK) b) a negotiated-term contract (i.e the Collection is on loan of length to be determined between TJCUK and the party donating).

  2. The Jazz Centre (UK) undertakes to store all acquired Collections responsibly and with due respect for the specific age/composition of said Collections.

  3. The Jazz Centre (UK) will provide digital and hard copy receipts for all Collections, itemised where possible.

  4. The Jazz Centre (UK) will catalogue and itemise each Collection (adding it to TJCUK database).

  5. Where possible Collections will be shared publicly as soon as they can be made ready, either via display cases (hard copy items), a digital representation or third-party licence.

  6. The Jazz Centre (UK) reserves the right to undertake any restoration work necessary to display items within Collections.

  7. The Jazz Centre (UK) reserves the right to refuse Collections offered to it without entering into correspondence.

  8. The Jazz Centre (UK) reserves the right to take parts only of Collections offered to it with a written agreement between both TJCUK and owners of the Collections.

  9. The Jazz Centre (UK) reserves the right to display and/or disseminate Collections as it deems best.

  10. The Jazz Centre (UK) reserves the right to withdraw any items from Collections from public display without notice.

  11. The Jazz Centre (UK) reserves the right to use images of items within its Collections to advertise and promote its services.

  12. The Jazz Centre (UK) reserves the right to use duplicated items within Collections in outreach projects external to its current premises.

  13. The Jazz Centre (UK) extends primary, short-notice access to Collections to those who've donated them unless this contravenes existing TJCUK displays, archiving and publicity operations.



(iii) Appendix: Collections Policy – Prioritising and Management


The Jazz Centre (UK) will actively promote its collections policy via media and in-house publicity and while it wishes it to be known that Collections donations are welcome from any source, it will always reserve the right to prioritise Collections which it deems to be either of major cultural and historical import or in danger of being lost or disassembled.

While it actively promotes the donation of Collections, The Jazz Centre (UK) does not in any form solicit such Collections and will continue to maintain a passive policy of acquiring any materials for its Archive.

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