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UK Jazz Network Centre


 We actively support jazz musicians as an open cultural centre for the British jazz scene. We offer advice via our trustees and volunteers, actively apply for the funding of workshops and masterclasses and when the opportunity arises interview notable musicians/industry professionals


There are several opportunities across the web to get involved with the UK or even global jazz microcosms and we energetically promote the idea. It is important that musicians, dancers, artists and promoters communicate, collaborate and conduct business. Explore some of the below options and get connected.


We are looking for music industry professionals to join our Linkedin group. We intend to use this group to start projects, listen to your views on the music, film and entertainment industry and the UK Jazz Scene.


This is our ever-growing network of jazz musicians, dancers, artists and industry professionals on Facebook. The group so far consists of over 2500 members and is closely managed by our Team of volunteers to ensure posts stay relevant to Jazz music, creative projects, music opinion pieces and the promotion of live events.


We are members of the Jazz Promotion Network. The Jazz Promotion Network aims to advance and support professional development, information exchange and partnership opportunities for the UK & Irish jazz industry, artists and audiences.


This is a free networking site for musicians and venues run by vocalist and 'Jazz Fusion' artist Emily Saunders. If you are a musician, venue or industry professional we recommend exploring the website and signing up!


This is an online directory for UK Female musicians. This organisation aims to 'help UK female and gender minority musicians overcome structural barriers by facilitating training and profile and professional opportunities.'

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