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Please send us your photos! It will help us build our media library and increase our output on Facebook, Twitter and more!


Use the simple fill-in-form below to quickly send us an image.


  1. Fill in your name so we know whom it's coming from.

  2. Give the photo a caption or description so we can let the public know what is happening in the photo.

  3. (Optional) Send us your email address so we can ask any questions about the photograph in the future.

  4. Upload your image.

  5. Click 'Send Photo' and a success message should appear.

  6. If you have more than 1 photo to send us, refresh the page and start again!


If you wish to send us more than a couple of images, please save yourself some time and email them to Matthew Fisher ( He will then ensure that your images are uploaded to the media library and/or social media.


Thank you so much!



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Humphrey Lyttelton Trumpet


Help us celebrate the Photographers who have donated their pictures for use on our website and publicity. Without these photographers, our website would not look as flash as we are proud to say.

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