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Live Jazz Music Returns to Southend

COVID-19 has disrupted music across the globe and live music has been silenced for the past 6 months. Since the latest lockdown measures issued by the Government, outdoor venues have began to stage socially distanced events and next on the opening list is Southend Band Stand in Priory Park.

The Mick Foster Quartet
Image of The Mick Foster Quartet

We welcome the representation of jazz music at the Southend Band Stand and are very excited to see some great local and professional jazz music acts represented on this list including the Mick Foster Quartet, Avanti, Nomad and the Graham Hunter Cool Jazz Quartet. All of which are fantastic bands that we recommend and musicians that have performed within The Jazz Centre UK on numerous occasions.

See the full event listing and social distancing advice on the Southend Borough Council website here:

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1 Comment

I absolutely love the news about Live Jazz Music returning to Southend! The vibrant atmosphere and soulful tunes create an incredible experience. The post resonates with me, reminiscent of the captivating images on It's fantastic to see the cultural revival, and I can't wait to immerse myself in the rhythmic charm of live jazz in Southend once again. 🎶 #JazzRevival #SouthendVibes

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