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Mick Foster Releases New Album

The Jazz Centre UK Trustee Mick Foster releases a new album titled 'Live at The Vortex'. The album has already featured on Blueprint with Chris Philips and Helen Mayhew on True Brit on Jazz FM.

Mick is a saxophonist and composer who is known as one of the UK's foremost exponents of the baritone saxophone. 'Live at The Vortex' is an album of melodic original pieces composed by Mick. It was recorded at The Vortex Jazz Club, London, in 2018 and captures the intimacy and excitement of this venue. Mick plays baritone, alto and soprano saxophones and is joined by the engaging, versatile trio of Dominic Ashworth on guitars, Tom Farmer on bass and Tristan Mailliot on drums. The album is available in both digital format and as a physical CD, and will be released on Hainault Records (HNT 0015) on Oct 14 2020, via Bandcamp, Mick's own website and streaming sites.

Listen now on Bandcamp:

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