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Swansea Uproar - Tom Smith Big Band Remote Recording!

It goes to show what enterprise and the will to swing will do! Big bands these days are getting used to operating remotely; everybody – somehow – recording their parts in their bedroom, kitchen or garden and then blowing the music through cyberspace to meet up with the other players and make great sounds. Recently The Jazz Centre UK has had several examples of such wonders in its mailbox and here’s the latest – by saxophonist Tom Smith. In both 2014 and 2016, Tom was featured on the BBC Young Musician of the Year Jazz Award, the performances of which were broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and TV’s Channel 4. You might like to have fun spotting the great players in his band but just in case you don’t get them all there’s a full cast-list at the end of the music.The composition is Tom’s; it’s titled  ‘Swansea Uproar’ and (by the way) you’ll see Tom again on film again next year as part of The Jazz Centre’s HLF project celebrating the 100 Club!

Digby Fairweather

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