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What Does Jazz Mean to You?

Please help us by answering the question 'What does Jazz Mean to you?' in the comments section below. If you would prefer not to use the comments section you can also email your answer to

By commenting on this blog post you allow us to use your submitted comment as representative data for our project. We may contact you if we are interested in re-publishing your comments on the project page on the TJCUK website.

We will happily accept anything from 1 sentence to a full paragraph! Your help towards our project is hugely appreciated.


The Jazz Centre UK is currently running an NLHF project and one of our approved purpose titles is "What does Jazz Mean to Me?".

By completing this project we hope to gain a scope on the diversity of opinion on the genre and help the general public, who may be discovering jazz for the first time, get a good insight into the subject.

Thank you all!


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